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There are a number of criteria a person considering a career in the stunt industry should consider when contemplating a stunt school and/or stunt training facility:

HOW MUCH IS THE COURSE: $3200.00 US* - We are more expensive than some other facilties, but the bottom line is, you get what you pay for. The initial program is two weeks. In that time, you will receive intensive training from the instructors, which will cover all aspects of the stunt business. In addition to these 2 weeks, all students will have a LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP at the centre. This will enable all students to train anytime a course is in session. Remember, we want you to succeed in the stunt business...the lifetime membership will ensure that you will be able to train and become the best that you can be!

ARE WE ACCREDITED: First, no stunt schools are accredited. They can be licensed or registered, that is all. The reason for this is that there are no guidlines or qualifications for a stunt school. Second, we are not just a school, we are a stunt "training" facility, open to working stunt professionals. You will recieve the finest training available because you are being instructed by people that make their living doing stuntwork.

1. LOCATION - IS THE FACILITY LOCATED IN OR NEAR A FILMING CENTER? We are located in two of the worlds busiest filming centers, Vancouver, BC...near Lionsgate Studios and in Southern California, not far from Hollywood.

2. HOW MUCH TIME IS SPENT ON ACTUAL TRAINING? Our program is 2 weeks long, 5 and 6 day weeks, 10 hours per day...PLUS LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP TO THE STUNT CENTER.

3. DOES THE NUMBER OF WEEKS FIT YOUR AGENDA? We try to accomodate everyone as much as we can...not conflicting with holidays, etc...

4. HOW MANY STUNT AREAS ARE BEING OFFERED? (Is stunt driving one of those areas) Rather than list everything here, look at our courses and judge for yourself...and yes, we include stunt driving.

5. DOES THE PROGRAM OFFER SEMINARS ON NETWORKING THE INDUSTRY? We offer many classroom hours on the ins and outs of how to go about meeting stunt coordinators, other stunt performers and how to get work in the stunt business.

6. WHAT TYPE OF CREDITS DO THE INSTRUCTORS HAVE? Is their resume full of "theme park" shows or do they have many credits of action features or television shows? Do they have the experience?

We make every effort to screen each student to inform them as to what they should expect from us and what we will expect from them. More specific information ranging from transportation to class scheduling to airport pickups , required equipment, clothing, facilities, food, etc... can be found in our "Stunt Info" email that will be sent to all of our attending students. In it , you should find everything about the training in detail. This information is only given to those individuals who have signed up for the training and have paid their deposit.

For further details on our

Come to the
Professional Stunt Training Centre
"We Build Careers"
Two locations.
Vancouver, British Columbia and Southern California, not far from Hollywood.
(Until further notice, we will be working out of our California facility.)

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