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Pipe RampHave you ever driven in the rain, come around a corner, and had your car start sliding or fishtailing? If, you have, and you were able to control it, then you experienced a little bit of stunt driving.

Stunt driving is being able to take a vehicle to the edge of losing control…. while staying in control. "Controlled Chaos" as some have said. Almost every action movie features some type of automotive stunt work. Whether it is a fully involved car chase with multiple vehicles, or a single car sliding to a stop on a specific mark, these maneuvers are all executed by highly trained stunt performers.

As out of control as some of these stunts may look, they are planned, choreographed, rehearsed, and performed with every precaution taken. Timing can be critical and if one driver is a little off their mark or just a few seconds too late or early, the shot can be ruined or worse, someone could be hurt.

The Stunt Training Centre offers two driving courses. First, our basic course will teach you skills such as: Mechanics of the car, proper steering wheel handling, what focal points you need to know, how to use your peripheral vision, and basic driving maneuvers such as, slalom thru cones, sliding 90"s and 180"s and reverse 180"s.

This course will teach you how to control your vehicle and improve your confidence in your driving abilities. Many hours, days, weeks and even months spent in the drivers seat, are required to even consider you a stunt driver.

This course will not turn you into a stunt driver, but will teach you the basic knowledge and skills to start you on your way.

The Basic Driving Course

The course is a two-day session and you will learn an enormous amount of information in the days to follow.

There will be a classroom discussion on the basic's of the car.

  • Mechanics of the vehicle
  • Hand and foot emergency brake, and tire pressure
  • ABS, and the difference between front/rear wheel drive
  • Discussion on flipping a car, cannon roll, pipe ramp, wheel ramp
  • Discussion on car chases

Students will learn the importance of how to handle the car.

  • Hand/Eye Coordination.
  • Hand positions on the steering wheel
  • How much movement is needed
  • Focal points and the use of peripheral vision

Students will discuss and practice on the driving track the following:

  • Slalom thru cones
  • Forward/Reverse
  • Forward/Reverse 180's
  • Forward/Reverse 180's between cones
  • Sliding 90's and sliding 90's into parking box

The last day of the course ends with all students competing in a barrel race where they will utilize their newly learned skills and race against the clock and each other.

At the end of this basic course, a test will be given that will determine if you are eligible to move on to the Advanced Course. A certificate of completion will be given.

The Advanced Stunt Driving Course

This course will also allow students to practice any of the maneuvers that they learned in the Basic Course. Because most of the maneuvers in the advance course are performed at high speeds, helmets will be worn at all times while in the vehicle. As, with the basic course, the exciting barrel race will be put on at the end of the course.

First, there will be a classroom review of the Basic Course. Then there will be more intense driving time on the track.

On the track

  • Forward/Reverse slalom at high speed
  • Multiple car high speed maneuvers
  • 2-3 car chase
  • High speed drifts / 360's
  • High speed camera car tailing
  • Jump timing
  • Head on accident avoidance

We reiterate: Completion of both of these courses does not make you a stunt driver. Only long hours and on the job experience will make that happen.

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