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Air Ram StuntOne more of the basics of stunt performing is stunt fighting. From the western of the silent era to the action packed blockbuster of today, stunt fighting has always had its place. Whether you are performing in a bar room brawl or a Hong Kong martial arts film, you have to know how to give and take realistic stunt punches.

The Stunt Training Centre has some of the best fight instructors in the movie business. Not only will we teach the students every type of punch and kick that they will need to know, more importantly, the students will learn to ACT it out.

Taking a punch is exactly that, ACTING. In a movie, the actor has to make you believe that he or she truly is that character. In a movie stunt fight, the stunt performer has to make you believe that she/he is truly getting hit.

At the training centre, every student will learn how to fight, choreograph, and set up camera angles for a videotape fight test. Also covered in the Fight Course are fights using weapons, including guns, knives, quarterstaffs, swords… and anything else that might come in handy in a stunt fight! NO REAL WEAPONS WILL BE USED.

The first day is an overview of fighting techniques. It is intended to be a crash course to allow the students to see all the various aspects and components of a stunt fight. Students will learn the physical aspects of picture fighting and practicing the many types of punches, kicks, and throws. They will work with various types of weaponry and props.

Every student will gain an understanding of why camera angles are so important in stunt fights. Students will choreograph their own fights and set up the correct camera angles.

  • Discussion of fight terminology and different styles of fighting.
  • Videotapes of specific movie fights.

In the main hall, students will practice how to throw the basic types of punches, while watching themselves in mirrors. They will also practice how to take a hit and learn why ACTING is so important to stunt fights.

  • Western/Street.
  • Right and left cross.
  • Right and left straight punch.
  • Roundhouse.
  • Stomach punch.
  • Uppercut.

More practice of picture fighting techniques will take place in the main hall, with emphasis on kicks and throws.

  • Straight kicks.
  • Side kicks.
  • Jump kicks.
  • Knee kicks.
  • Overhead throws.

Students will learn the proper techniques for utilizing weapons and props in a stunt fight.

Again, no real weapons will be used.

  • Guns.
  • Knives.
  • Swords.
  • Quarterstaff.
  • Breakaway chair.
  • Breakaway bottles.

The next day will be devoted to practicing all the components of a stunt fight, that student's learned on their first day. At the end of the third day, students will choreograph their own fights and review their fights on videotape.

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