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Gary BaxleyWhy would you want to be a Stunt Performer?

I personally believe it is the greatest and most rewarding job in the motion picture business. Everyday is different, every sequence challenging, and you have the opportunity to travel all over the world working with talented and creative people. Once you have progressed from being a Stunt Performer, you can move on to being a Stunt Coordinator and/or Second Unit Director with an earning potential of a half a million dollars a year, along with great health benefits and pension plan. I'm still telling my kids with enthusiasm, "I get to go to work!" not, "I have to go to work".

Why start a Stunt Training Centre in Canada?

A majority of the big action shows are being shot in Canada. With the production schedules growing, the need for young trained stunt performers is increasing. This in itself reinforces the need for a Stunt Training Centre here in Canada. Also, we believe there is an enormous group of young talent worldwide who need a training center to help fulfill their dreams.

Stunt Schools?

Over the years, many young and talented individuals have approached me, asking how to get into the stunt business. If they inquire about stunt schools , I have always responded negatively. I have always been skeptical for one reason; Is the instructor an actual stunt performer working and making a living in the business? Probably not. It is highly unlikely you can learn to be a good stunt performer from someone not actively working in the stunt business.

Our instructors collectively have over fifty years of experience and are actively working in the stunt business. One of the most important things you will learn at our school is the politics of the stunt business and how to get a job. Getting your first job may be one of the toughest stunts you do.

Our stunt training course will teach the skills and expected abilities that Stunt Coordinators need to be assured of. Some stunt coordinators have a negative view of stunt schools because they feel that the instructors are the Professional Stunt Training Centre, we will change that view.

You will learn how to use air rams, ratchets, mini-tramps and other important aspects of the stunt business. An experienced stunt performer will teach this. Remember, learning does not necessarily equate to performing to the standard requirement when the camera is rolling and the pressure is on. You must train and train hard.

Why is our Professional Stunt Training Centre different?

Our reputation is based on our students' achievements once they are working in the stunt community. That is why you will receive the highest quality of training available. The Professional Stunt Training Centre will not accept just anyone. Our potential students should exceed the standards of the average competitor. This is first determined by the skills presented in their application, having unique skills or talents will only help. Applications will be evaluated which will allow us to better determine if students possess the potential it requires to become a professional stunt performer. We are not looking for daredevils.

If you are serious about becoming a successful stunt performer, it could take many months or even years of training with other students and instructors on technique and proper use of equipment. At our training centre we have the latest equipment, which includes ratchets, air rams, climbing wall, decelerators, trampolines, and high-fall platforms that are available for use by our accomplished students to further enhance their training. The Stunt Training Centre is also available to any Canadian or American Stunt Coordinator should they need to work with actors and other stunt performers.

The Professional Stunt Training Centre is not a vacation camp environment nor is is like military camp. It is a professionally organized training center where we teach more than just mechanics. It is intended as a means whereby individuals can learn a career. This is a demanding occupation. It has its many rewards and, at times, physical risks. We want only serious students. Stunt performing is a science that is carefully planned out and rehearsed safely. Therefore, safety is our number one priority and we take pride in the ability and the experience of our instructors to ensure this.

Why offer a Basic /Advanced Training Course?

Our basic course will teach you an incredible amount of knowledge and physical skills: including compiling a resume, headshots, and how to approach a Stunt Coordinator, (you will be able to meet Stunt Coordinators through our school), becoming a Union Member, and how to break in as an extra, which is a great way to become familiar with a working movie set.

Our advance course ( which is not mandatory and has a seperate fee), will offer a higher level of stunt driving and additional skills that you will need to know, should you ever aspire to be a "stunt coordinator", such as: how to break down a script and create a stunt budget, as well as setting up proper camera angles for fights and other action sequences.

Stunt Coordinators want the assurance that you have trained hard and long before giving you that first chance. At the Professional Stunt Training Centre, professionals are prepared to teach you the required skills and techniques in a safe environment. There are no short cuts and no easy way. It is a profession that must be studied like any other profession, with determination and dedication. Our training is intended for serious students with a strong desire to fulfill their dreams of becoming professional Stunt Performers.

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