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Gary BaxleyMr. Baxley, founder and director of the Professional Stunt Training Centre, was born and raised in the Hollywood Stunt Business. Mr. Baxley, a former member of the respected Stuntmen's Association, is a successful Stunt Performer with twenty-five years of experience in the film industry as a Stuntman, Stunt Coordinator, and fully vested Second Unit Director.

Starting with seven years on Dukes of Hazard, five years on The A Team and over three hundred television and feature films as stunt coordinator or second-unit director, Mr. Baxley’s credits also include seven years on television’s #1 show, ER. His credits also include The Invisible Man, Fall Guy, and Sliders, and feature films such as Dick Tracey, Predator, Total Recall, Universal Soldier, Ocean’s Eleven, and many more… still counting to the present day.

With Gary’s extensive knowledge of every aspect of the stunt industry, The Professional Stunt Training Centre will teach you all you need to know to be a successful stunt performer in the exciting world of film. With his expertise, and your talent, and a little luck, you will make it!

Through a comprehensive program, Mr. Baxley and his experienced instructors will take you through each step of what it takes to be a working stunt performer.Along with the many physical skills that you will learn, Gary will also teach set etiquette, the politics of the business and what is expected of you while you are on a film set.

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